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Network Services

Regardless of the size or number of employees, every company experiences networking problems at some time or other.

  • Connectivity issues are among the most common problems that are brought to the doorstep of the systems department of a company. This can be caused by a number of things, including configuration changes or the malfunction of connectivity devices, such as in the case of a switch, NSA, or router. 
  • In the same spirit, there are sometimes simply problems with the physical cables that connect various types of computerized equipment. Sometimes these physical connections become broken, severed or simply short out.
  • Software problems can be the cause of networking problems, as well.
  • If you should find that your connectivity is unusually slow, this may be a sign of excessive network collisions. This is sometimes the result of a network that’s been poorly planned or mapped out, or of a user transferring an inordinate amount of information at one time, which floods the network.

Green Up IT provides a wide variety of Networking Services. Design, Implementation, Management, Sales and Troubleshooting are an integral part of a successful business network. Let Green Up IT provide its expertise to ensure your company’s success.